Xbox 360 customizable sound tracks are the best!

I know that the music playing in a game can be easily forgotten in most case's, but that is a different thing when it's music from your own collection. I play Geometry Wars Evolved allot, and by allot I mean allot. I admit that I'm not the best, but I'm not by any means the worst. I'm actually in the top 2,000 on the leader-boards right now. My highest score is 2,380,284. I used to have a hard time getting to 300,000, but that all changed once I started listen to my own music while playing.

Microsoft I love you. As soon as I stopped listening to the pack-in sound that the game comes with I started to progress very quickly. I can't really explain it but hearing the same music over and over desensitizes the sense's into losing concentration. Now that I have this figured out Im well on my way to catching that insane highscore of 101,000,000. Do these people have a life.The top guy said it takes 7 to 8 hours to reach that score. Call me crazy but my score is just fine for now.

If anybody reads this I sure you dont care, but I had to share my wisdom to you all. 


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