The PS3-XBOX 360 debate drags on!

There's and article over on The Inquirer that stats that the PS3 has half of the raw polygon processing that the 360 does. When will this ever stop. The developers are supposedly not very happy with the PS3 development enviroment. Which dev's have made this known. I dont know, but who is so concerned to have to keep bringing up these stupid arguments up. Which ever platform is more successfully is solely going to be in the games. Not the horsepower behind the games.

 The only dev I know of to mention this in the public is John Carmack of Id Software. He stated that the PS3 is marginally more powerful than the 360, but the 360 is a hell of a lot easier to program for. We shall all see when the first holiday season comes around next year and all three platforms are on the shelves at the same time.


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