The PS3 aka Sony brainwashing!

I have been around the web for a while now. Numeros forums have been all in a buzz about the Playstation 3. That is until Sony drop the bomb about the price at there E3 press briefing a couple weeks ago. $600 for a gaming console! WTF? Why dont they jut ask for an arm and a leg while there at it.

Most Sony diehards have no problem with this price, but what about the people out there that would have bought it just because of the name Sony being plastered all over the thing not knowing any better. Their going to feel confident that the PS3 is gong to be a worthy purchase just be of past success. Then the time comes when they have a glance at that price tag. Many will fallout then an there and walk over to the Xbox 360 display and take that route just for the sake of saving there appendages for something that matters a little more than games.

The conditioning of the name Sony into all of our minds is by far the most madening thing I have ever seen. Why do so many people over look the faults Sony has just because they have been trust worhty in the past? I am in no way bashing Sony or being a Xbox fanboy. I just would like to know. What’s the deal? If there was a way to get away with something it’s a sure bet to just write Sony on it and your set.

Let me know what your take is.


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